Oceanographic Studies

Sea Engineering provides a variety of oceanographic services combining our expertise in instrument deployment, diving, data processing, numerical analysis and modeling, and site assessment and mapping. Our staff has completed projects nationwide and throughout the Pacific Basin in challenging working environments.


  • Acoustic Doppler current meters
  • Acoustic Doppler Wave Gage/Current Meters
  • Single point current meters
  • Tide Gauges
  • Unmanned water quality monitoring buoy systems with data telemetry
  • Turner Designs, Model C-6 Multi-Sensor Platform
  • Conductivity meters
  • In-situ thermistors and conductivity loggers
  • Sediment and water samplers
  • Mini ROV


  • Current measurement and analysis
  • Wave measurement and analysis
  • Water quality & oil spill monitoring
  • Numerical circulation and sediment transport modeling
  • Wave modeling and forecasting
  • Determination of oceanographic design criteria
  • Plume modeling
  • Turbidity studies
  • Ocean outfall planning
  • Site assessment

Oceanographic Studies Projects

Project Sea Engineering Service

Anaehoomalu Bay Tsunami Damage Repair

Client: Waikoloa Resort
Location: Waikoloa, Big Island,
Oceanographic Studies
Coastal Engineering
Marine Construction
Diving Services

Keauhou Bay Offshore Mooring Design

Client: State of Hawaii, DLNR Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands
Location: Kailua-Kona,
Oceanographic Studies
Coastal Engineering

Saipan Current Monitoring & Sediment Study

Client: U.S Navy PACDIV
Location: Saipan
Oceanographic Studies

Wave Energy Conversion Buoy Installation and Maintenance

Client: Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.
Location: Honolulu,
Renewable Energy
Boat Services
Diving Services
Hydrographic & Geophysical Surveys
Oceanographic Studies
06-33 Job Clip

Sand Island Outfall Ultraviolet Disinfection Study

Client: City & County of Honolulu
Location: Honolulu,
Oceanographic Studies
Pipeline Risk Assessment Mexico

Pipeline Risk Assessment in Deep Sea Furrow Regions

Client: BP Amoco Corporation
Location: Deep-Sea Furrow Regions in the Gulf of Mexico, VI
Oceanographic Studies