Marine Construction

Sea Engineering has been a licensed general contractor in Hawai’i since 1986. The construction division of the company specializes in marine and underwater construction and concrete rehabilitation, and provides subcontractor diving services to general contractors for underwater work on large projects. SEI has completed projects in Hawai’i, California, Alaska and Japan.

Concrete Repair and Restoration

  • Structural repairs using two-part epoxy injection techniques and localized quick-setting concrete patch repair.
  • Repair of broken and leaking concrete canal lining by installation and pumping of large mattresses to seal and cover damage.
  • Repair of voids, cracks and spalls in concrete, subsidence, mechanical damage, failed concrete and structural rebar corrosion on sea walls, bulkheads and other submarine structures
  • Concrete encapsulation of piles under piers, wharves, and bridges using tubular steel or nylon bag forms.

Structural Repair and Demolition

  • Dry-dock structure rehabilitation including slide gate, track and seal, manual operator and support guide repair/replacement
  • Repairs, modification to and replacement of trash-rack and debris screen structures
  • Temporary and permanent plugging of abandoned pipelines, tunnels and manhole structures.
  • Repair and maintenance of mechanical supports on pipelines, outfalls and intake/discharge lines.
  • Repair of mechanical structures in industrial and sanitary treatment plant process tanks, basins, ponds, vaults and pipelines.
  • Repair and modifications to diffuser ports, aeration systems, and discharge pipelines.
  • Design, repair and construction of boat ramps, floating docks and walkways, water access platforms and steps
  • Installation of anti-scour mat around exposed or unsupported pipeline spans for protection of bridge piers, footings, and other submarine structures
  • Scour and erosion control of bridge piers and sea walls with anchored submarine placement of concrete-filled mattresses.


  • Concrete Repair and Restoration
  • Structural Repair and Demolition

Representative Marine Construction Projects

Project Sea Engineering Service

Anaehoomalu Bay Tsunami Damage Repair

Client: Waikoloa Resort
Location: Waikoloa, Big Island,
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