Wave Energy Test Site Design and Construction Support

The U.S Navy has selected a site offshore of the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, Oahu as a Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) for Wave Energy Conversion Devices.  SEI was awarded a contract to provide engineering services as well as commercial diving crews, and equipment for the WETS design.  Project tasks included recertifying the shallow water (30 meter) site for future developers and designing two new deepwater (70 meter) test sites.  Work tasks included:

  • Engineering Support for Preliminary and Final System Designs
  • Preliminary WETS Deepwater Installation Plans
  • Technical Support for the Environmental Assessment Process
  • Thirty Meter Mooring Anchor Inspections
  • Thirty Meter Mooring Anchor Load Tests
  • Shorecable Inspection
  • Shorecable Electrical and Fiber Optic Testing
  • Thirty Meter Test Site Berth Characterization
  • Deepwater Vibracoring at Proposed AnchorLocations
  • Subbottom profiler surveying to determine sediment thickness at anchor locations