Hydrographic Survey and Underwater Inspection at Echo Pier

Sea Engineering, Inc. (SEI) working under contract to AECOM conducted underwater inspections and completed hydrographic surveys at Echo Pier, Kwajalein, United States Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA).

The surveys included multibeam echo sounder bathymetry, magnetometer magnetic field measurement, and side scan sonar imaging. The purpose of the surveys was to map the water depth and locate potential debris in an area within 200 feet of the berths. To augment the geophysical data collection, SEI diving personnel also collected marine debris data for the area adjacent to both Bravo and Foxtrot berths while conducting an underwater pier inspection.

The underwater inspections consisted of marine structures between +3 feet (ft) MLLW and the mud-line, at Bravo and Foxtrot Berths, at Echo Pier. The purpose of the inspections was to determine the overall existing condition and the potential need for repairs associated with the existing use of the berths. This work consisted of field investigation and documentation of findings with still and video photography to aid in the evaluation of various alternatives for facility rehabilitation, replacement, and/or upgrade.